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Integrate NFT rentals, lendings and Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions into your game in a matter of hours

Easy SDKs for any Web3 Game

Easy implementation through SDKs to offer reward shares, fee rentals and BNPL

Integrate Rentals in 4 Easy Steps

Using the tutorials, you are able to integrate rentals and lendings in a matter of hours. Any EVM project can use the protocol without limitation. Reach out to us here if you have any problems or need any help. We are always happy to hear from you.

Are you a game studio?

You can apply below or reach out to list your game on Stash. We are always up to help you with integration which should take only a few hours.

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0️⃣ Getting Started

3️⃣ Lend , Rent & Buy NFT Functionality

5️⃣ Extra: Frontend SDK

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