Getting Started & Overview

Getting started with implementing Stash SDK for your gaming NFTs

Estimated time to complete this guide => 25 minutes

Take your Game to Millions

In order to use Stash Renting SDK and APIs, you need to provide an API key to the SDK. If you want to use Stash technologies for your own game or platform, fill out the form below to retrieve your API key and start building right away! You can always contact us via email at [email protected]

Stash NFT SDK provides a very easy and extensive integration process that would help game studios save a lot of time while implementing a renting system for web3 games.

The tutorials listed here will give you a step-by-step guide on how Stash Renting SDK is structured and how you can utilize it for your own needs. Step by step instructions are designed to easily guide you through the entire integration process and by completing the tutorials, you will be able to build your own rental marketplace and system with ease by making use of the SDK.


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The breakdown of the tutorials is as follows:

:one: SDK Setup

a. Installation
b. Initialization

:two: Making NFTs Rentable

a. Making NFTs Rent-Compliant
b. Upgrading ERC-721 for Rentals U
c. NFT Wrapping
d. Play & Earn Reward Share

:three: Lend, Rent & Buy NFT Functionality

a. Performing Operations on NFTs
b. Lending
c. Renting
d. Reclaiming/End Lending
e. Buying

:four: Fetch NFT Data

a. Retrieving Listed Assets
b. Get Asset Information

:five: Building the frontend with components

a. User Interface Components

Next up

Set up the SDK to start building up a renting system