Installing Stash NFT Software Development Kit


Stash SDK NPM Version ^0.0.4-beta4

Please make sure you are installing the latest version of the SDK which currently is: ^0.0.4-beta4

Take your Game to Millions

In order to use Stash Renting SDK and APIs, you need to provide an API key to the SDK. If you want to use Stash technologies for your own game or platform, fill out the form below to retrieve your API key and start building right away! You can always contact us via email at [email protected]

Before you proceed with other configurations, you need to have the SDK up and running inside your project.

Stash Renting SDK is currently available in Typescript. Python & Rust versions are upcoming.

Install with npm

$ npm install stash-renting-sdk

Next up

Initialize the SDK before moving up with performing operations on NFTs