The developer's guide to adding rentals, lending, BNPL and subscription to your NFT capabilities

Welcome to Stash

Stash is a NFT infrastructure protocol and marketplace that facilitates access to gaming NFTs through NFT rentals and lending.


Purpose and Benefit of Stash

The sole purpose of Stash protocol and marketplace is to provide easy and seamless access for regular gamers and users to your gaming assets (NFTs). The protocol facilitates this fully on-chain and with a collateral-free method.

Take your Game to Millions

In order to use Stash Renting SDK and APIs, you need to provide an API key to the SDK. If you want to use Stash technologies for your own game or platform, fill out the form below to retrieve your API key and start building right away! You can always contact us via email at [email protected]

Who can use Stash?

Stash protocol can be used by any web3 project who would like to add further functionality into their NFTs for wider usage. This is achieved through facilitating:

  • rentals
  • lendings
  • NFT mortgage and Buy-Now-Pay-Later solutions
  • reward share mechanisms and APIs (scholarships)

Why use Stash?

There are several reasons to use Stash but the most pressing ones are for:


  • integrate rental and lending function to your NFTs under 24 hours
  • build your in-game rental marketplace through Stash protocol
  • integrate on-chain reward-share mechanisms inside your game


  • acquiring more users by exposing your game to gamers who are already playing web3 games
  • providing easy gateway for web2 gamers to adopt and utilize your in-game assets (NFTs)
  • do INROs (Initial NFT Rental Offering) rental launches to announce public access to your game

You would like to check out the marketplace first? Head on to: