Two different rental and lending methods supported

Stash offers two different payment types for rentals:

  • Rentals with fixed upfront fee
    • e.g.: $1 per day for using a NFT
  • Rentals with revenue sharing
    • e.g.: 40% reward share to renter and 60% for lender when rewards are earned in the game with the rented NFT

Fee Based Rentals

When the NFT lenders decide to rent out their assets in return of a fee, they can set following terms during lending process:

  • Price per day: Daily price of the NFT
  • ERC-20 token: The token that they want to receive the funds on

Both those information are stored alongside the rental terms and can be editable as long as the NFT is not currently rented by someone else.
To make it as extendable as possible, Stash allows games to bring in any ERC-20 tokens they want to perform payments.
The payment is being processed at the time when the renter accepts the terms and starts the rental period. The formulas for the total payout amount are explained down below:

Fee paid by the renter = F = Price per day Rental duration in days
Stash protocol fee = S = F
Amount received by the NFT owner (Lender) = L = F - S

Revenue Sharing

Lenders are also able to share the revenue that renters earn inside the game, which is a common method of rentals across various play-to-earn games.

Stash Rental Contracts provides an infrastructure for specifying the revenue sharing rates along with the rental terms and also performing the transactions for distributing the revenues to each party involved.