An overview of what you can find in references here

Overview of Documentation

If you are curious about why you would use Stash or list your game in the marketplace, you can check out Introduction

Stash SDK

Check out Stash Renting SDK Quickstart for a quick guide on how to start with incorporating renting and lending into your platform

Stash API

Stash API can help you:

  • Integrate reward/profit share mechanisms for your NFT rentals: nfts
  • Accelerate your development schedule with simple calls to fetch and post NFT rental and lending data: nfts
  • Set affiliate rewards for your NFTs: affiliate

Guides & Tutorials

You can directly start integrating Stash protocol step by step here

Single Tasks

If you would like to test out single capabilities like

  • Lend a NFT
  • Rent a NFT
  • Set lending terms for multipe NFTs
  • Error Handling
    You can check out Integration and recipes

Help & Questions

You should be able to develop and integrate with ease under a day however we are always up to help your efforts. The quickest way to do that is reaching out through our Discord:

At any case, please reach out just to chat or come by our offices for coffee :smiley: